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We don’t consider “organic” as just a buzzword, it’s in our DNA. In addition of being one of the cornerstones of our products and the way of life for us, it strongly guides us how we do business: with respect and gratitude for mother nature.


We know we are still far from perfect, but as we grow, we will keep on investing in sustainable materials, systems and methods to reduce our footprint and eventually achieve carbon-neutrality and contribute to a better, more sustainable world, for generations to come

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During the product development and thus, each stage in the product life-cycle, we have examined the opportunities for policy intervention, rethink the need for the product, redesign to minimize waste potential and to extend its use.


We constantly keep exploring ways to recycle and reuse materials to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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• 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes and trays.

• 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum cans.

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• Focus on keeping the physical supply chain as short as possible.

• Always examine and choose the most environmentally friendly ways of transport.

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Our choice of 100% organic ingredients is not just a matter of taste and quality, but also a conscious decision to care for the environment. Typical for organic farming is that no artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used. Good harvests are obtained through organic fertilization, good pruning and ecological balance. Techniques that are more labor intensive, but if you taste all that deliciousness you get in return, then it is worth it, we believe!

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